Rowland Myers is a British composer, songwriter and arranger, who struggles to write a half-decent lyric and is the first to say he can't really sing that well. Nonetheless, undaunted, he has been composing and recording since his distant teenage years, producing a first-attempt EP with school mates as well as a pretty dreadful solo album and a well-intentioned charity fundraising single while at university.

Since then, while working in different aspects of broadcasting, audio production, engineering and design, he wrote and recorded mainly instrumentals for radio, theatre, stage shows and the like. More recently, he has broadened his writing, penning songs again and having a stab at just about any musical style or genre.

This is an informal, evolving collection of some of his eclectic musical works, put here simply because it doesn't really have anywhere else to be right now ….. well, except on YouTube. If you'd like to cover any of these works and record them properly, please do get in touch:

More to follow, as and when. Thanks for stopping by.

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not necessarily that good, but nonetheless original, instrumentals and songs

Who Knew?!
July 2023
Caustic observation (served on a crisp jazz-funk base) about the UN's inability to prevent Russia from presiding over its Security Council, responsible for making decisions on issues concerning the maintenance of international peace!

ISWC: T-319.367.114-2
Absent Family and Friends
October 2022
A contemplative guitar and cello instrumental, written following the passing of a much-loved family member - and the last of a generation who gave us so much.

ISWC: T-313.881.819-2
Be Yourself
October 2022
In an age when everyone is encouraged to speak their own "truth" (how many different "truths" can there be?!), this is a tongue-in-cheek reminder that these newly-redefined societal rights must apply equally right across the board.

ISWC: T-313.208.882-1
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Friends Not Forgotten
August 2022
Affectionate reminiscences about really great chums from early childhood through to leaving university, who still leave an indelible impression. Happily, still in touch with many.

ISWC: T-311.669.683-0
Don't You Mind
January 2024
Trying to put an optimistic spin on what appears to be an increasingly down-beat assessment of life today. Agreed, things may be far from perfect, but it's often not as bad as the Media would have us believe. Chin up!

ISWC: T-322.219.628-9
When You Sing It Country
November 2023
An kindly-meant observation that, from the mouths of stetson-wearing American Country singers men, singing about their love life woes sounds surprisingly OK. But from anyone else .....

ISWC: T-314.999.204-7
December 2023
A bubbly little ditty, penned for the pre-show run-up sequence for a children's pantomime ("Oh, yes, it was!"). It's named after second grandson, Rafferty, prince of the bouncy play thingamajig.

ISWC: T-314.999.200-3